One Day!


I do imagine myself growing old with you.

I do imagine you in the kitchen on a Sunday morning,

Trying to make breakfast for us.


Whenever I close my eyes,

I can see you on the couch,

Holding an old torn book,

Your favourite one

And drifting away in your own thoughts

I can see your eyes flutter in excitement

While scanning the pages.

You look so beautiful.


I wish one day,

I can walk you to home, to me

Coming back from regular work day,

I will crawl back to you,

After a tiring day,

I will steal your kisses,

And love you through our darkest nights.

I will admire the look of love in your eyes,

And beg god for an eternity with you.


I will take you on silly dates,

Dates that will bring us closer

To each other

Maybe not today,

But one day,

I will call you mine, only mine,

One day,

I will tell you everything,

Everything I was scared to tell

Another heart.


I don’t know how to express

Although I have a lot to say,

I become totally wordless.

When around you I stay.


I don’t know how,

I don’t know why,

I love you so much,

As much as the Earth loves the sky.


Piano in the background, playing Perfect,

Slow dance while holding you in the front,

After getting your one glance,

My heart starts doing stunt.


Open are your hairs,

Kohl in your eyes

My heart beat goes hundred,

My mind just dies.


Pink are your cheeks,

Eyes shining bright,

You are so precious,

Like the Moon’s moonlight.


You are such a gem,

You must be taken care

Whenever you need someone,

Just call me, I’m here.


Maybe not today,


But one day,

I will be thine,

One day I will tell you,

The best feelings of mine.



Hey guys! Shubho Bijoya to everyone first of all! Well this poem. I started this poem 3 months ago. and in those 3 months I just wrote the first 3 lines of the poem. I don’t know why but after that I never got an idea to complete the poem so I never worked on it. Day before yesterday I opened my personal diary after long time, and saw the 3 lines. So in the past two days I completed this poem. We just celebrated Durga Puja, today is Lakshmi Puja and within few days we will have dipawali and Kaali Puja too. So it’s a festive season. And festive season means Love is in the air. So I just breathed the air which mixed with my inner conscious and my pen started working. Hahaahah!  Well jokes apart! Hope you enjoy the poem!


Please do shower your comments in the comment section and tell me how the poem is! Stay Tuned for the next post. Till then Adios!

Like A Fool I Cry?

There I stand
Tall and unbattered
With hopes and dreams
Wishes that beam

In a long worldly queue
I wait for my due
Everything around seems rotted
Still my heart feels sorted


Then comes a day
From the very hell I say
In that mayhem
I lost my precious gem
“Important it is,
I must find without a miss,
Adamant I may seem
I must find, I must find”
I scream

Wailing and weeping
I look every breaching
Only to find it
In a far away precinct
“Ah! There I see”
The one that belongs to me
Deep I dig
I uncover, inspect and peep

If the strange familiar thing
That I lost and found
Is still intact
Within its bounded vows.

My fear creeps in
There’s a piece missing
The one that kept me warm
Now feels like a winter storm

All was in vain
As nothing could ease
My utmost Pain

Like a fool I cry
My heart feels sore
The piece I lost
Returned no more *What if,
It wasn’t my gem to adore*

When we loose something, we indulge ourselves in that pain and sometimes it’s beyond repair. We fail to comprehend that what if, That we loose Never wanted us What if, That we loose Wasn’t ours to keep
What if, It was all our illusion we were living in And investing everything into that one thing.

Hope you like the poem! And share your thoughts down there!❤️



“Dad! what is Mahalaya?” The 4 year old asked her father in curiosity as this was the word she had heard all day, on the eve of Mahalaya. Tears rolled down her father’s cheek as he recalled his childhood day when Durga Puja was not just a festival, but an emotion. He was lost in his glorious memories when his daughter, started throwing questions at her father about Mahalaya. Her father regained his sense and replied his daughter while caressing her forehead, “Beta. Mahalaya! It is the day which marks the beginning of India’s one of the biggest festival, DURGA PUJA. It is believed that on this Auspicious day, goddess Durga descends from heaven to Earth and stays here with us for the upcoming 10 days. It is the day when Pitri paksha end and Matru Paksha begins. On this day we worship our forefathers, this custom is known as TARPAN.”

“Dad, Where do Maa durga stays when she descends?” with a laugh her dad answered, “We, when we were kids, were told that Maa Durga is kept under a Bel Tree from the day of Mahalaya to Panchami. On the 6th day, Maa Durga is picked from under the Bel Tree and taken inside the pandals(houses).” It was late night but the eyes of the 4 year old was shining as if it was not even evening. She kept asking her father about his childhood days during durga puja. He told him many things, how he used to make plans with his friends to do Pandal Hopping, how the appearance of the white flowers(Kaash Ful), marked the beginning of Sharod Kaal(Autumn), and Sharod Kaal meant Durga Puja. He told her that how puja meant beats of Dhak and not DJs, how durga puja meant Dhunuchi Naach and not Disco. It was as if the father and daughter was not sleepy. He told her about the epic saga of Devi Durga, how she conquered the king of demons, Mahishasur. It was early morning, nearly 4:45am now and they were still talking. After learning about every single thing of Durga Puja, the girl asked her father, “So, it is all about the victory of good over evil?” He replied, “Yes!”

After an awkward silence of 2 minutes, the girl asked her father in an innocent tone, “But Dad, our teacher told us that illiteracy is the biggest evil to our society. So why you stopped Didi from going to school and studying?”

The dad was in a fix and astonished by the question of his younger daughter. After a minute, suddenly a sound of conch shell came from distant and the old radio started:

“আশ্বিনের শারদপ্রাতে বেজে উঠেছে আলোক মঞ্জীর;
ধরণীর বহিরাকাশে অন্তরিত মেঘমালা;
প্রকৃতির অন্তরাকাশে জাগরিত জ্যোতির্ময়ী জগন্মাতার আগমন বার্তা।”

In the Epic voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra, the Mahalaya Begin! Even after 30 years, everything changed but the epic Mahalaya from Legendary B.K.Bhadra’s voice hasn’t changed. Tears rolled down the cheeks of the father again, as he joined his hands in prayer in front of her 4 year old daughter. Maa Durgaa will always keep slaying the evils. The Father could see Devi Durga in his 4 year old daughter who slayed the evil of illiteracy. Jai Maa Durga!

So hi guys!!! Posting a post after almost a month. Actually its class 12 and study pressure is at it’s peak. Anyways, from tomorrow, the most vibrant festival of india and the biggest festival of bengalis is starting. Durga Puja. Well Maa Durga is the symbol of Women Empowerment, Power, Prosperity, Good over evil. May this Durga Puja, Maa Durga eliminates all such evils from our society. Evils like illiteracy, or exploitation of girl child, gender inequality, these should be eradicated. So let’s take a pledge together that we will do whatever we can to eradicate these evils. Hope you guys enjoy this Durga Puja and Navratri! Bye Bye.


(c)The Deepest Thoughts(Preetam)

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A Toast on your Birthday!

Hey guys! Today is the birthday of my best friend, my favourite person, my favourite writer and also the most important one! Wishing you many many happy returns of the day I hope that you get everything you want in your life. Be happy forever! This small poem is for ya! You’ll always find me standing strong beside you, no matter what!

I can’t change the past
Nor do I want to
Every day is a new start
When spent with you,
A beautiful journey,
A road with no end,
Is what life is, when,
Lived with a real friend.
I may’ve spoke few lies,
I may’ve broken few promises,
I may’ve given you some bad memories,
Yet, through this chaos,
By my side, you’ve stood strong,
Backing me everytime,
What did I do to deserve,
Such a loyal friend, I’ve no clue,
But one thing’s for sure, my life,
Is nothing without you,
What I am today is not
My doing alone,
There is another reason,
For the way which I’ve grown,
How my life has shaped up,
Owes itself to many things,
One of them being you
A bestfriend, who’s given me wings,
My life, is incomplete,
Without your contribution,
That’s my toast to you,
On your birthday celebration!

Picture Pefect!


Your smile of the day
In the language of flowers come for a while
Not to stay
But fade away.
Picture perfect.

The music of your heartbeats
A perfect orchestration of a soothing harmony
Some sing raindrops,
Others nothing more than lonely tears.
Picture perfect.

Your eyes
So infinitely hold within the whole galaxy
Hiding riddles of unknown times
Each pages a virgin still unread to history.
Picture perfect.

Your silence of the day
Often words have a lot to say
As I watch you come to my doorsteps
Without knocking than simply walk away.
Picture perfect.

Your long curly hair dressed in dark cloud
To the naughty air a flying shadow to tease
For some a dark waterfall to mesmerize
For, others, the subject of a poet’s poetry, sublime.
Picture perfect.

Your beauty they say
Just like the golden clay
An enigmatic Gypsy princess riding a sunray
Or picture perfect, my midsummer night’s dream of the day.



Hey Guys!! Two post in a day!! Hehehe! well i wanted this to post coz i have written it long back! so i finally decided to post this today! Hope you enjoy! share your stories of picture perfects! and share your views ’bout the poem in the comment section! Au Revoir!

Dear Myself!


Dear Myself,

Have you charged your phone to its full capacity? Because many calls are going to come today. Have you saved significant money from your pocket money? Because many friends would today demand a treat. Have you nicely arranged your room nicely? Because many people are going to visit you today?

After all it’s your birthday. You should be ready to feel special by seeing the efforts the world will make today. Well I am not at all being sarcastic to the world, because there exists few real people who really put their true efforts to make you feel special in their life, but you know what? They don’t do it on a special purpose like your birthday or anything, they make you  feel special every day, every moment you talk to them. They are the real ones not the bubbles. Well anyways, we will talk about this topic later. The main thing is different.


I am wishing you today not because, I am feeling alone, but sparing time from replying plenty of messages, attending few calls, or that one video call from my long distant relative. I really felt a need to wish you(myself) today.

Sorry if you were expecting something interesting or funny, I am always in a funny mood, you know me well, but not today, because I have realised that except for those 5-6 real people, more than half of the wishes would be either for formality or because someone would want to remain in contact with me for their personal benefits, and the only and most important person whom I can rely on everytime the most, is you. So why not invest time in such a nice person rather wasting them on bubbly people who would eventually burst someday.


So being your greatest friend, I want to remind you few things today.

I hope you remember that nothing could shatter you, if anyone wants to enter your life, they should be welcomed, and if anyone wants the exit then you should be the person standing in front of the door, not for preventing it to open, but to yourself open it for them. I know it would cause you a pain, but that pain would be worth an effort, for your better future. You should keep and live the short memories as you could nicely, but you should wait for the long ones to get created or those which already have been created. You should cherish them. Life is strange! No one knows what happens tomorrow. What if we do not wake up at the morning tomorrow? So store the short ones and cherish the long ones.


You are currently living the best version of yourself. The best version of YOU(me). Yet people will say you aren’t. They will say that there’s a lot to change. Some people will enter your life only on the condition that you would change, and second, those people who will stand by you through your mistakes, make your realise them and help you to rectify them. NEVER change for the first category of people. Be what you are! The best version of yourself. You don’t need a character certificate from others. Only opinions of few close people matters and the most important one is, your opinion about yourself. Make notes of those people who die everyday to make you smile, who try everything in their power to make you smile, understand their feelings, try to read them, cause they are the ones. One who keep detail notes on every of your small things, is bound to be special. You’ll understand someday. So simple algorithm to lead life. Before, holding others’ hand, hold your hand, give support to yourself. Lead your path yourself. You will see that you’re achieving everything you want. And about holding others’ hand, the people who are truly special and want to stay will never leave your hand no matter what.!! ❤


That’s enough for today, I know you don’t have a habit of talking to me(yourself), but since people are frequently showing their true colours, so I thought even I should reveal your wiser side to you.







(c) Preetam

So how are you guys? well i was having a thought that what if we can talk with ourselves. you know sometimes, answers to some really tough questions are buried deep within our mind, we just need to talk to ourselves and dig deep! Just try to have a conversation with yourself. I guess everyone of you will feel better. and after that we have that  6-7 people in our life whom we always look upto. anyways! read it and share your thought in the comment section! dont forget to like and follow! Adios Amigos!!

Afraid To Be Yourself!


It’s weird to be afraid of Yourself,

To be afraid of who you are,

I’m always trying to change myself,

Take myself away, too far.


I’m always struggling to see,

Who I am or attempting to be,

I never seem to figure it out,

I always fear, I always doubt,

Always regretting my regret.

Blaming myself for what they forget.


And that’s not fair and right,

That I am so goddamn doubtful about my rights.


Was that the right thing to say?

Did I do that the right way?

Should I go or should I stay?

Should I throw it all away?


These are the questions I am afraid of,

The fact I ask these is,

The fact I actually answer these,

With some dumb doubtful decision,

That I am not really sure of.


Unless it’s against me,

Separating I from ME,

Making myself a victim of others’ imagination,

Creating a home full of confrontation.


In this world full of snakes,

I never lie, whatever are the stakes.


But the lies I told to myself were worst,

All those bubbles, I had to burst,

And there is still so much left,

I wish I just got up and left.


And that’s my fear day by day,

Asking me to throw it all AWAY.



So, hello guys!! Hope you all are doing well. I am doing pretty well too. With exams head on and tuitions and all, it’s very difficult to be active here. But I want to share a good news and thank all of you. Despite being inactive here, my blog crossed the milestone of 100 followers. So thank you to everyone for supporting me and giving all your love. I would especially thank a person without whose constant showers of love and support, it wouldn’t have been possible. My favourite writer, greatest friend, my favourite person and the most important one too, none other than, RAMYANI BHATTACHARYA. Thank you so much for always being there for me and I hope that you’ll continue to do so. 🙂 ❤ And I am personally keeping track of your blog as it is closing to 1K. I will be the first person to celebrate that. Hahahah! 17 more to go.

Anyways! So I thought of writing this poem as it was the only thing going on my mind for the past few week. A few of my friends are suffering from this problem, that they are afraid to be themselves. Well this question, “WHO AM I?” is a very valid and important question for an individual to realize his/her existence in this world. And a very very very wise personality told me that, “Rather than knowing who am I, accepting who am I is more important.” And these words of wisdoms really spoke volume. Do share your views in the comment section below, about this. SAYONARA!!!

Tumi! (You!)

Hey guys! So basically I was challenged by one of my friend that I cannot write anything in Bengali! Well not to prove him wrong or challenge him, but I found the idea of writing in Bengali very convincing! After all no language can express your thoughts better than your mother tongue! So I have tried to put my thoughts in front of you through my language! What I believe is, when you can feel the words then the language doesn’t matter. Anyways! Thanks you to my friend for urging me to write in Bengali! And ofcourse I am not a regular writer in Bengali so my beloved mother helped me with few words and correct spelling and all! Thanks maa! I hope you guys enjoy the poem! The English translation of the poem is also given below! bye!😊

Bengali Version:

Jedin tomay prothom dekhi
Hariye feli mon
Sedin theke tomar kotha e
Ami vabi sarakkhon..

Tomar sei raag kore
Amar dike Chawa.
Tomar songo e amar kache
Sobcheye boro pawa.

Amar kache ja ache sob
Tomar naam e rakha,
Tomar chobi amar mone
Jotno kore akaa.

Tomay ghire swopno onek
Amar mone jage,
Kemon kore bojhaai tomay
Koto bhalo lage!

Janina, thik Kobe tomay
Nijer kore pabo,
Toto din nirobe, sudhu
Bhalobeshe jabo.


English translation:

When I saw you first time,
I lost my heart,
From that very day,
It’s you about whom I think always.

The looks of your angry face,
Your presence in my life is my biggest gift.

Whatever I have in my life,
Is all yours,
Your picture is perfectly,
Embedded on my heart.

I have seen a lot of dreams with you,
How shall I make you aware,
How much I love you.

I don’t know when I will get you as mine,
Till then I will love you eternally forever.


So I hope you enjoyed the poem! Thank you! Do share your views down there.

Thank You!!


Hi guys! Though I wanted to write this earlier, my first monthly test is coming so a bit busy schedule. However I managed to take out some time from my today’s schedule and devote time to some pending works I had (P.S- This is one of them).

So, just the day before yesterday my summer vacations ended. It was my 12th summer vacation and the last of my school life. Really! All these 12 years have been amazing. I am a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya. And we have really long vacations in summer. When I was in class 1 we used to have 60 days vacations. Well it gradually got on the decreasing spree and now we have 40 days vacations. Still, 40 days aren’t less. Hehe! So in all these 12 years I have spent these summer vacations in numerous ways. Pressure of completing the holiday homework, complete the most part of the syllabi in this time and of course outings and play time. In junior classes I have really enjoyed my vacations but with the increase of study pressure it was difficult to have fun. But really I never thought that my last summer vacation would be the best of all of them despite being in class 12 and with such a heavy duty schedule of tuitions and immense study pressure. I have heard people saying that to get tag a period of time as a good time we need a streak of good days, but I experienced that even a few days can make the whole period of time good. Just the 10% of my summer vacation made this summer vacation the most memorable one. Without any doubt, it was the best of the 12. Just 4 beautiful days, did this magic. We often term home and house together, but they have a huge difference. House is just a building made of bricks and home? Well some say home is made by the people who live in it. But home has different definitions for different individuals. For me, home is my closest and most important people. So I was in my house all the 40 days, but I was at home for 4 days out of those 40 days, which made the difference. One of those evenings was in the 3rd week. I was terribly sad and feeling awful due to some reason and I decided to call the one of the most important person for me, my sister. Her name is Anwesha Roy! I visited her place and nearly spent the whole evening with her. And it was quite natural that I lost all my worries and came back to my HOUSE with a smiling face. The other evening was in the last week when I visited Birla Temple with my sister and her boyfriend. He is a funny and one of the most innocent and lovable guy I have ever seen. I am so happy for the two little love birds. The divine atmosphere there was so soothing to heart. I am not a very religious person but also not an atheist. Hahaha! I loved the atmosphere there very much. The evening arti was wonderful and company of such lovely people made it more wonderful. The rest of the two evenings out of my 4. Oh! The best one, that’s why I saved it for the last. The first came on a Friday, May 25th. I can’t express in words! The evening was one of my best evenings ever. And all the credit goes to one of the most important people to me, my favourite writer, my favourite singer, my favourite person, closest friend of mine, Ramyani Bhattacharya. Me visiting near her place was a mere accident as I was sent in that area by my father to do some bank work, but I eventually got to know that the branch of bank I was being sent to was closed forever. Hahaha! Hilarious! But thank god it happened and I got one of my best evenings. We had tea together in a tea stall. I am a typical tea lover. Though I drink liquor tea without sugar at my house but the milky tea of tea stall has always been my favourite and that too with my favourite person!! Believe me! It increased and enhanced the taste of the tea. In those two hours we discussed almost about every topic! Hahaha! And I enjoyed every millisecond of them. From politics to academics we talked about everything. And what I like the most about it is, it was a non-electronic conversation. A face to face one. i just don’t want to describe that evening any more, because want to keep it’s beautiful description forever embedded in my mind. As I have said, it was the best evening of mine till now. The best stress buster. The 4th evening was a short meeting with her. Though it was organized to take some things which I asked her for, but we did managed to dig some light convos that day too. At the end of the day I slept with a heart full of happiness and a wide smile on my face.

So it is true that even 10% of the days can make you fell 100% better. I am experienced now. Well, my motive to write such a long post is just to thank them. Thank my sister Anwesha for giving me the shoulder to cry on and making me smile when I was not at all in a mood to smile.

And finally thank you Ramyani. You have always been stress reliever and a very important support pillar of mine. Even a single chat with you takes away my stress and worries and that toh was a complete evening! The effect of that evening was felt in the full week. The evening was magical and was the best till now! Many more to come for sure. Just waiting for the class 12 to end with high note of great results. Thank you for the project covers you made for me. You have also taught me very important lessons in this period and I can’t thank you enough for that. I am very sorry for the mistakes I committed and promise not to do so any further. Thank you for making my summer vacations so much wonderful! Last but not the least, sorry for violating #999. Hahahahah!

So this is how I was at HOME for 4 days out of the 40 days.

Byeeee guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Share your experiences of home over house in the comment section!


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