Blue Ticks!


“But……. I love you, remember? I want to give you the happiness you deserve.”

Tick. Tick. Tick.

The sound of the turning second arm of the clock pierced right through the silence. “What’s the problem?” he texted again.

And now the online became “typing….”. His heart began pounding. “The problem is….. We are human. We don’t just want to survive, we want love.

That’s what sets us apart from animals. Somewhere within, you know it already. You know you don’t just want to see me happy, you too long to be happy. We don’t expect in love. It’s selfless.” She texted.

And as he read through her message, he realized that she had a point. He did want to be happy. “You expect too much from me. I can’t keep up. Your words, your over-thought texts suffocate me. Perhaps, you are right. You probably do love me. But I don’t and I will never. You knew that from the beginning.” She texted again.

“I doubt whether you know a single thing about friendship or love. It’s not just something you flaunt openly. It’s the emptiness you feel without seeing her daily. It’s something you experience while wholeheartedly giving without expecting anything from your significant other. It’s not just something you say often, it’s like being there from someone always minus the judgement. That alone makes you happy”. She texted once again.

There were no words left for him to text. No over-thought replies, fancy words or love quotes to send. Blank.

He was in dilemma, pondering over what he had done.

Finally, he assembled the courage to start typing. But midway, she texted again. “Don’t ever talk to me again”, read her message.

And with that, her ‘Profile picture’ and her ‘last seen’ disappeared.

He still typed the whole message and pressed ‘send’, fully knowing that the text will never get a ‘blue double tick’. “I don’t have many redefined qualities. However I know how to stay, or let’s just say, I don’t know how to leave………………………………………”





Ek Anjaan!


Ek anjaan se mulaakat Hui thi
Mohabbat bhi Hui
Aaj mere bhul chuk ke wajah se phir se anjaan ho gayi wo.

Zara gaur se parhiyega aapko pasand ayega,

Usse mulakat ke baad kuch shamein toh aise guzri jaise,
Azadi ka naya asmaan mila ho.
Bin bataye
Muskurakar chali gayi woh
Jaate jaate bhi mujhse keh gayi woh
“Apna khayal rakhna”
Anjaan ban kar aayi thi wo
Anjaan dobaraa anjaan ho gaya.

Yu toh judaai ke baad aasu mere ruke nahi
Par is dil ko pata nahi kyu yaad aati hai wo
Aakhir kyu na aye,
Dil toh aakhir bachcha hi hai
Kitna bhi samjhao manta hi nahi.
Khabar na thi,
Wo aakhri din hoga humara saath.
Anjaan ban kar aayi thi wo
Dobaara anjaan ho gayi wo.

Nadaan the hum
Jo zindagi ka tohfa na qabool sake
Jo ayi thi humare mehfil mein
Use paa na sake
Koshish bohut ki humne
Par us koshish ko humanri kamyabi bana na sake

Galat jazbaato ka guroor tha
Ki shayad use mohhabbat ho.
Ab uske bina is safar mein wo baat nahi.

Chahta toh main bhi hu
Ke phir anjaan ban mile wo mujhe
Par har chahat puri kaha hoti hai
Mere shaamo ko akela kar gayi wo
Anjaan ban kar ayyi thi
Dobaara anjaan ban gayi wo.

Mujhe usse koi shikwa nahi
Par use main sirf yeh kehna chahta hu ki,

Galtiya sabhi karte hai
Par kisi aise ko kabhi mat chor dena
Jo tumhari aur tumhari khusiyon ki kadar karta ho.
Zindagi mauka deti hai par baar baar nahi
Us anjaan ko waqt rehte thaam lena
Waqt rehte sambhal lena chahiye
Dobaara aise izzat karne waale Aashiq milte nahi

Koi anjaan yun hi zindagi mein nahi ata,
Zindagi tumhe unse milwati hai
Koi tumhe rulayega
Koi tumhare liye ro jayega
Waqt rehte rok lena use
Warna ,
Anjaan banker ayega wo
Aur dobaara anjaan ban chala jayega.


My Precious Star!

Well I am very very honored that I got this amazing chance to work in collaboration with my favorite writer! She is my very very good friend and I thank her very much to give me this opportunity to collab with her. Thank you Ramyani. Hope all of you guys enjoy the poem!


Somewhere there are stars,
Even when out of sight
Concealed by sunlight
I know they are there
Glittering up the sky.

Up, above in the azure,
Light years away,
They illuminate the heavens,
As you do to my life.
I look up at the sky,
To see you among them,
I search among constellations,
Only to find your name.
I behold the moon,
Just to see your smile.
The moon is your accomplice,
You gleam in the dark,
Guarded by the stars.
And my heartbeat wins the race
When I fail to gaze.
But when I am lonely,
When my sky is all cloudy,
The world is dull.
My heart cheers me up.
Somewhere there is my star
Looking down to see,
Shining hard just for me.

-By Ramyani & Preetam

Guys please go and check the same post her website also and shower love there also! It’s my request …. Please 🙏🙏

Here’s the link

Until I Met You!


My life was going slowly
Until I met you!

Everything around me got a new life in them,
You were like a fuel to my car,
Cheese to my pizza
And sugar to my tea
I never enjoyed being surrounded by people,
Until then when I met you.

I couldn’t resist myself from talking to you more and more,
I used to be a very boring person
For whom late night chats, sudden outings
Seemed to be doing all sins together
Until I met you.

Late night chats provided me solace
Hanging out with you was a paradise
Abusing and insulting you became my new way of loving
After I met you.

The word “love”
It isn’t a word actually
It is an emotion
It has got no limitations,
No meanings and no definitions.
I wish everybody such constants like you in their equation.

For me
Love was a fairy tale,
It was a dream that could never come true,
Until I met you.


A Vacation Inside You!


I wanna take a vacation inside you,
Walk through the streets of your heart,
Explore all the corners of your soul.
I wanna try all the food and visit all the interesting places
And discover hidden gems along the way.
I wanna write my name on a lock,
Hang it on a bridge in your brain,
So when you revisit it, it’s left with nothing but good memories.
I wanna go somewhere where no one else has ever been before to get lost on purpose.
I wanna take you somewhere beautiful inside you,
Somewhere you’ve never been before
I wanna stand in awe and admire all the wonders
And fall in love with the disarray
I wanna lose myself
Get comfortable inside you
I wanna leave footprints on the deepest parts of your soul
I wanna take a vacation inside you!!!!


What Love Is?


What is that thing that is called love?
Some people believe it is a gift from above

Others say it brings nothing but pain
Maybe it is a one way train
When you take your path
You could never go back again

It may take you to the happiness door
Or maybe make you taste life’s sore!

Maybe love is just like the rain
You never know how hard it would be
Or how long it would last
Love could come so fast

I mean love from the first sight
Or it could take so long time
To be meant to be.. To be so right
Love could put you into darkness
And could bring you the brightest light!

Love is like the fire
Such a mysterious desire
But whether it is going to warm your heart
Or burn your home
You can never foresee it from the start
You can never tell
If It is going to lead you to heavens
Or is it going to lead you to hell!

Love could take you from the cold
And make you feel so warm
Love is like a rose
Beautiful but also with thorns that could harm!

Love could be like glass
If you drop it, it shatters
And never be put completely back together
But love can also be like porcelain
Never cracks & stays forever

It is so strange
How could such a small word hold so many contradictions? !
A small word but with so many question marks
It is such a complicated feeling
that confuses any human being!

As for me… I’m just a young boy
trying to know what love is?!
Simply for me
Love is like a white dove
Flying so high
Up Up in the baby blue sky

So far for me to reach
But If I only understand it
To the whole world I would teach

Love is so precious
Love is a treasure
Love is not cheap
Love is when you can’t fall asleep
For reality is better than dreams
And life is sweeter than it seems

Love comes from the heart
Not the brain
You don’t know when it starts
You don’t think about it
You just feel it over and over again

Love is not Just the speaking words
But the giving of oneself
Love is caring
Love is daring
And most of All
Love is sharing

Love is not to live in fears
Love is not a matter of counting years
But making the years count

Love is
Telling, listening, understanding,
Respecting the truth and never pretending
True love does NOT have a happy ending!
True love does NOT have an ending!

Love! Some say it is blind
But I say
Love gives you a third eye
To make it easy for you to find
Who is worthy? ! !


Kavi Aur Devi Ke Samvaad!

Nadi ke kinare ek larki ka mrit deh tairta hua aya….
Tabhi usko dekhkar maine pucha!

Kaun ho tum O sukumari,
Beh rahi nadiya ke jal mein?
Koi toh hoga tera apna,
Manav nirmit iss bhoo tal mein!

Kis ghar ki tum beti ho,
Kis kyaari ki kali ho tum?
Kisne tumko chhala hai bolo
Kyu duniya chor chali ho tum?

Kiski naam ki mehendi bolo,
Haatho par racha hai tere?
Bolo kiski naam ki bindiya,
Mathe par saji hai tere?

Lagti ho tum rajkumari
Ya dev lok se aayi ho?
Upmaa rahit yeh roop tumhara,
Yeh roop kaha se laayi ho? |||

*Yeh sunkar uss larki ki atma ne mujhe jawab diya……

Hey manushya mujhe shama karo,
Gareeb pita ki beti hu.
Isiliye mrit meen ke bhaati
Jal dhara par leti hu!

Roop rang aur sundarta hi
Meri pehchaan batate hai,
Suhaagan mujhe banate hai!

Pita sukh ko sukh samjha,
Pita ke dukh mein dukhi thi main
Jeevan ke iss tanha path par,
Pati ke sang sang chali thi main!

Pati ko maine Deepak samjha,
Uski lau mein jali thi main,
Mata-Pita ka saath chor kar,
Uske rang mein dhali thi main!

Par woh nikla ek saudagar,
Laga diya mera bhi mol,
Dahej aur daulat ke khatir,
Pila diya jal mein vish ghol!

Duniya rupi iss upvan mein,
Choti si ek kali thi main,
Jisko maine maali samjha,
Usi ke dwara chali thi main!

Ishwar se ab nyaay mangne,
Maut mein ab pari hu main,
Dahej ke lobhi iss sansaar mein,
Dahej ke bhet chari hu main!



The Voice Message!


Seasons happened. Things got colder and harder. Suddenly I found myself smoking circles in the air which is a natural phenomenon in winters and I was not okay. I wish, I was someone’s favourite person.

That night I disconnected the call with my trembling voice saying that something is wrong with the network while everything was wrong with me, I cried discreetly but secretly wished that someone would notice and rescue me from myself. That night I realised that some stories are meant to be happy ones, but not mine.
I don’t want to hear, “You’re strong and you’ll make it through”, but all I want to hear is, “It’s okay to feel weak sometimes, I’ll help you to make it through”, I want someone to clutch my hand and pull me out of darkness. Maybe I am not needy but I am just a little more human, a not so strong independent man. Sometimes I am very afraid of my very existence, because, in this discriminative society a weak man is not accepted. They say, “Man is meant to be strong, if you are not strong then you are not a man”. Huh……!

It’s 2am on the bedside clock and I miss you. I got up to make myself a cup of coffee and light up a cigarette. Cigarettes really release stress. I hope it lessens my pain. It has started to rain, and I am already losing this fight. We remained a tale for eternity, but a love story never meant to be. I’ll remember the moments; you made me feel loved more than the times you said, “I love you”. There was no eye contact, no touch…..but just a skip in the heartbeat. “LUB-DUBB…..LUB-DUBB”, I could hear my aching heart speaking up your name in desperation and I could do nothing to make it calm as “All is Well” theory is only applicable in films but not in real life. I really wish that it was that easy to make a heart full of agony and sorrow calm so that it too can take rest from getting such refusals or betrayals.

It’s 3am. I don’t know why I am writing all these. I think, I should get back to bed, because, tomorrow’s dawn will bring a new sunlight in my life. I know you won’t be there in my life anymore, but yes, I must learn the art of moving on. But I will always remember the promise you made, “I’ll never leave you”— I played the voice message again……………………………….


The Sonnet of A Broken Heart!

No words I write can ever say,
How much I miss you everyday,
No one knows my sorrow,
No one sees me weep,
But the love I have for you,
Is destined in my heart to keep,
My heart still aches as I whisper low,
I need you and I miss you so,
The things we feel so deeply,
Are often the hardest to say,
There is a place in my heart,
Where no one can stay,
A hole in my heart that no one can fill,
I love you and I always fill!


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