I Wish You Were A Poem!

I wish you were a poem,
I could read every day.
Enchant your beautiful verses,
My heart, I could allay.

Embrace you in my metaphors,
And dance with the rhyme,
Immortalising you forever
Defying the transient time.

I wish you were a poem,
I could bleed every day.
Appreciate you in imagery,
Even when you are away.

Adorn you with smiles.
‘Beautiful as Seraph’s Dream’.
I know I would need many,
To describe your gleam.

I wish you were a poem,
A beautiful poem of mine.
I could read and chant forever,
In memory of thine.

Would keep you safe,
In the folded arms,
Of my favourite diary,
So that no time harms.

A beauty so profound,
A creation so divine,
Oh! I wish you were a poem,
A poem I could call mine.


At the end I would like to thank my favourite writer and my closest friend Ramyani Bhattacharya (The Panache Blogs) for designing this wonderful cover poster for the post. Thanks you so much.❤️💗


42 thoughts on “I Wish You Were A Poem!

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  1. This poem is divine. The lines resonate so perfectly. Beautiful is a word so small for this. And Preetam, you need not thank me okay?😂😂

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